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Andrea Gioè, songwriter of Palermo. Writing songs since 1999. Playing guitar since 2003 and ukulele since 2011.
His musical roots come from "Claudio Baglioni", "Moses", "Litfiba", "Umberto Maria Giardini (ex Moltheni)", "Ligabue", "Simona Molinari", "Mark Knopfler", "Johnny Hallyday", "Iz'Kamakawiwo'ole" and "Fabrizio Moro".
In 2004 he studied singing with "Tosca", "Fabiana Rosciglione", "Maria Grazia Fontana" and "Gabriella Scalise" at "Cinecittà Campus Rome".
In 2007 with "Stringerti di più" to the Festival of Castrocaro.
December 14, 2007 - With "Il canestro sognato" wins the "Best Lyric Title of Sport Musica e Medicina" and performed at the Teatro Politeama of Palermo.
Organize in Palermo Festival Francesca Monti (2007 and 2008) song event in memory of his dead mother to whom she dedicated the song "Lo so".
On June 13, 2009 he released his 1st album "A testa alta" (Digital distribution Pirames International). His musical style is Pop Rock. Among the pieces of the tip: "Andrea !(... sto rinascendo)"; "Cancellarti dalla mente"; "Sono fatto così" and "Per voi".
Over the years Andrea has been invited to several television and radio broadcasts.
Besides being singer was "present", "regional selection of Festival" and was "JURY" for many events.
On January 16, 2010 for the first time with the help of Andrea Unless Perino (Editing Studio), creates "Cancellarti dalla mente (Duet with Fabio Girgenti)", a song that will be given by email only to members of the Fans Club
He is currently on tour with his band and is working on his 2nd album titled "Tempo al tempo" (scheduled for release in December 2010).
On October 3, 2010 together with the Community Neocatecumenale Sicily, had the great pleasure to play and sing for Pope Benedict XVI came for the first time in Palermo. This was a very special day for Andrea.
On October 18, for the first time, he started important hit parade of Youtube "#92 - The most watched (in absolute) - Partner".
December 17, 2010 - The music of Andrea Gioè has become the preferred subscriving interest for many YouTube users around the world (Russia, Colombia, Japan, Venezuela, etc. ..). The song most often used is: "100 Cuori verso una realtà!"..
On March 17, 2011 - "La mia unica follia" goes up again in 3rd place in the ranking of best-selling albums of
On March 24, 2011 - The EP "La mia unica follia" is one of the albums RECOMMENDED by Mondadori and remains the 10th highest selling album.
On March 7, 2012 - Love, life, religion and current affairs presented in, the second album by Andrea Gioè, "TEMPO AL TEMPO" digital distribution Pirames International. 14 previously unpublished details from rock radio show "La ragione", East to the rhythm of "Insieme noi" duet with "Valeria Tramontana," intimate "La mia unica follia". Recorded, mixed and mastered by Salvo Perino EDITING STUDIO at Palermo between November 2009 and Febraury 2012. Records "Kléral NCW" anthem of the company's industry-leading products for hair "Kléral System" present in 60 countries around the world. For the first time with "Picciriddu", our singer sings the whole song in Palermo dialect, in memory of Holy Pope John Paul II, he recorded "L'Angelo Bianco" and with the song "Tempo al tempo" a race of solidarity with Amnesty International.
On July 13, 2012 - For the first time Andrea Gioè with the song "La ragione" becomes part of the Compilation "MEID in Italy - Volume Three (Summer Special)" produced by MEI of Milan.
On July 15, 2012 - Andrea was chosen by Mayor Leoluca Orlando to perform at the Festival of 388 ° S.Rosalia held at the Foro Italico of Palermo. Andrea Gioè engaged the audience with an energetic version of "Ho scelto te".
* June 16, 2013 - After more than a year of work finally released "Andrea Gioè & Friends - Instinto Paterno" is a triple disc that includes new songs like "Chi eri tu?", "Pianeta unico" and "Ma perché", mixed to unreleased live recordings as "Istinto paterno", "La realtà ..." and "Yara & Sara". On the record there are also some historical recordings as "Palermo", the instrumental "Sangue" poems "Celeste corrispondenza" and "Panelle e pallottole." But the real highlight of this album is the CD that contains songs reinterpreted by other artists such as Andrea "Valeria Tramontana", "Domenico Veri", "Ivan Grez" and many others. The album was recorded at Editing Studio by Salvo Perino (Palermo). Digital Distribution edited by Pirames International Ltd.
* May 10, 2014 - Starting precisely from Argeles-Gazost (France) actual town in which he lives, Andrea worked his way up to the "Surprenant Concert". A series of concerts that will surprise our present singer-songwriter probably between France, Spain and Italy. And as he says: "I feel beautiful." That Argeles-Gazost was defined by him the "Date 0", where he performed 21 songs including the new "Borgu Nuavu Mia", a new version of "Perdo" and "Palermo" the most famous French cover by J. Hallyday "Allumer le feu".
* July 7, 2014 - "(...sto rinascendo) 15 anni di Musica sempre A testa alta" told in 18 songs that have marked the history of our songwriter Palermo from "Andrea! (... sto rinascendo)" to "Lo so,", "Ricordati di me," to "Tempo al tempo". Manufactured by A.G. Production. L'album was recorded at Editing Studio of Salvo Perino (Palermo). Edited by digital distribution Pirames International Ltd.
* Between October and November 2014 Andrea attended the academy of music "Area Sanremo" (the most important of Italy). He introduced his song "Ritrovarsi o Яetroversi¿" before the committee of "Roby Facchinetti", "Giusy Ferreri" and "Dargen D'Amico".Andrea sang with the leader of the Nomadi, has a duet with Simona Molinari and Renzo Rubino.
* 10 February 2015 - "Ritrovarsi o Яetroversi¿" fifth record work of Andrea Gioè very introspective, straight and direct. 14 new songs mostly pop-rock like "Ritrovarsi o Яetroversi¿" (song excluded from Sanremo 2015), "Niente regali da scartare per Natale", "Fidarsi..." and "Un altro sole". Also present was "Je suis une star", a blues song presented entirery in french language. Arranged and mixed at the Aeko Recording (Palermo - Italy) by Gigi "Trauma" Paladino & Giuseppe Schillaci. Digital distribution by Pirames International srl.
* December 24, 2015 - Senza Te (song he presented at the Festival Sanremo Giovani 2016) is the rebellion of a son who can not accept the disappearance of her wonderful "Mom" which screams his love through a "Heavenly correspondance". Besides the versions in English, Spanish and French, also "Oh Terra mia" a beautiful song of "I Teppisti dei sogni" dedicated to the judges Falcone and Borsellino killed by the mafia. Product: Angelo Avarello for Vangelo Day editions.
Arrangement by: Angelo Avarello and Sandro Cupellaro at the "Studio" in Cisterna di Latina (Italy).
* November 11, 2016 - BEST OF Andrea Gioè: Aspettandoti (…sulla soglia del mio cuore) is a musical journey that retraces the most important stages of the Palermo songwriter. From "Palermo" (2004) in "Senza Te" (2016). 38 remastered songs from AEKO Recording enclosed in a double breathtaking drive. Produced by A. G. Production Andrea Gioè. digital distribution edited by Pirames International. Photography: Davide De Santis. Aspettandoti (...sulla soglia del mio cuore) was presented at the selection of Sanremo Giovani 2017.
November 25, 2016 - Absolute record! The video for Aspettandoti (…sulla soglia del mio cuore) reached 100,000 views on Youtube.

He continues to spread his music around and he is working in the studio to create new songs.


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